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Our family returned to Bangalore permanently after a few years and from my 5th standard, my education was at Bangalore. My family used to watch all Kannada movies. My father was interested in watching only Kannada movies. From childhood I was a fan of Dr Rajkumar and Dr Vishnuvardhan and we used to watch the movies on the first day of release itself.

This continued in my school days and in college also. In 1986 I was the president of Leo Club of Bangalore, Malleswaram. During that time there was an international Lions club meet at hotel Ashoka. We were waiting for the lift. It came and we entered, and were surprised to see Vishnuvardhan inside. After 15 years I was seeing this actor again in person. In those 15 years Vishnuvardhan had already become a household name in Karnataka due to his work in the Kannada film industry. We were going down in the lift when it suddenly stopped due to some technical problem. For close to 5-6 minutes I, along with my friends was stuck in the lift with Vishnuvardhan. Somebody from the outside got the lift moving again and we reached the ground floor. After coming out of the lift, I requested Vishnuvardhan for a photo and he obliged. This was the first time in my career I had taken a photograph with a movie actor! Till then my interest was in the sports field and not on the movie industry.

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