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After writing the series on Sudeep recently, I there were loads of appreciation and also a few criticism. Some people did not like it because there was too much to read! One thing I would like to tell them is that when I write my personal experiences about an actor I have seen in the last 25 years, I cannot write it in just a few paragraphs.

After the Sudeep series, I decided to continue with new series on other actors. I should mention that there are three families in the Kannada film industry who have supported me a lot in my career; Dr Rajkumar family, Dr Vishnuvardhan family and Ambareesh family. I am not saying others have not supported me. In fact I should say each and every film personality have supported me till now and I expect the same support in future also. Otherwise I would not stayed in this field all these years.

It takes time to write on Rajkumar family members. On Ambareesh, I have recently written on my experience with him while coming back from Malaysia.

After watching Dr Vishnuvardhan's birthday earlier this week, so many memories of him came to mind. It will be hard to believe some of the memorable incidents which I have seen with Vishnuvardhan. My memories of Vishnuvardhan date back to my childhood, long before I was anywhere close to becoming a film journalist. Many of my childhood references are linked to memories of Vishnuvardhan in later life when I met him professionally.

vishnuvardhan during nagarahavu with puttanna, arathi, veeraswamy

It was in 1971. My father KS Mallappa was working in KEB (Karnataka Electricity Board) and he was transferred to Hubli. That year, our family had come to my grandparents' house at Koratagere which is also my birth place. To travel to Hubli we had to take a bus from Tumkur itself. I can't remember the day and month but remember that we were in the Tumkur bus stand waiting to travel to Hubli. There was lot of time for our travel and we were sitting in the bus stand. My mother and father are both movie lovers. Someone at the station said a film shooting was taking place nearby. My parents took me there and we saw three persons talking to each other. We came to know the name of the movie as Naagarahaavu. The three persons talking there were Puttanna Kanagal, Vishnuvardhan and another I do not recall. This was the first time in my life where I had seen/met a movie person face to face.

We returned to Hubli and I was a student there. Some time later Naagarahavu movie was released and it was a super hit. My parents kept on telling neighbours and friends that they had seen Vishnuvardhan during the shooting of this movie!

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