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Nishkarsha muhuratha
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A stranger in the late Vishnuvardhan's press meet not only stunned the superstar but has remained an enigma for 25 years now. The mystery about this strange person is still unsolved. This incident happend during the launch of the film Niskarsha which is re-releasing now. 

The film directed by Sunil Kumar Desai, was launched on 12th May 1993. The location was Mayura Restaurant in Cubbon Park. When I reached the venue for the press meet, I noticed that many of the top police officers of the city had gathered there. 

Vishnuvardhan was playing the the hero and this was the first home production for Davanagere's cop-turned-actor BC Patil. Patil is now a popular politician. 

For Sunil Kumar Desai, Mayura Resturant was a favourite for film muhuratha. His earlier movie was launched at the same place.

The film had gone on to become a milestone and Desai saw it as a lucky charm.

The then Bangalore police commissioner Chandulal, IPS, clapped for the first scene. Shankar Bidari, IPS, Kempaiah and other police officers were present.


After the launch, a press pressmeet was organised. All the assembled journalist surrounded Vishnuvardhan and started firing questions. Vishnuvardhan answered all of them. All of a sudden some questions started coming from the last row. Vishnuvardhan was so impressed with these questions that he started answering each of them. 

Even journalists kept quiet as the questions from the same person and answers by Vishnuvardhan became more and more interesting. Most concluded that the person asking the questions was a new journalist. After some questions the person suddenly left the pressmeet before it was concluded. All the other journalists were surprised by this strange behaviour. 

Normally journalist do not walk out in the middle of a press conference. Vishnuvardhan too was surprised and sent his assistant to check on that person.

The assistant went outside Mayura Resturant and noticed the mystery person get into the driver's seat of an auto rickshaw, put on the khakhi shirt and driver away. 

When Vishnuvardhan was informed about this he was shocked. Even more shocked were the journalists. 

Sometimes Auto rickshaw drivers have more intelligent questions to ask film stars as they keenly follow Kannada films, more than anyone else. The mystery person was never seen again and no one knows who he is.

Article by KM Veeresh