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kananda films collection in america
Kannada movies collection in America

We hear almost every other film maker boasting about releasing their film in the US and it making big money. But what is the reality? Are Kannadiagas there ready to spend thousands of Rupees to watch one movie? What is the cost of releasing the film in US? How much money can a film really make? If you see the actual numbers, it is scary. Most films released in the US end up spending more money than they earn. Here is why and the list of the top earning Kannada films in the US. 

Let is look at the cost of releasing the film there. 

The satellite streaming service like Qube costs $75 per screen. That apart there is a digital fee of $150 per show. This is $50 per show if the shoe is before 1pm. But most prefer evening shows as more audience are expected. The theatre rent are anywhere between $250 per week to $1,100 per week. Sponsored online promotion and posters standis in theatres can set the producer back by another $1,000. Of you want to promote the film in a bigger way through the Kannada organisations in the US, it will be a minimum of $500 which can go up to $2,000. 

Qube Print Cost                -              $75 per Print

 Digital Fee           -              $150 per Show (After 1 PM)

                           -              $50 Per Show (before 1 PM)

                           -              $1100 per week (Regal)

                           -              $950 per week (Cinemark)

                           -              $250 Per Week (Indian Theater)

 Publicity               -              Face book $500 Sponsored Advt

 Kannada Koota Promotion           $500 to $2000

 Poster / Vinyl in Theaters             $500

So after spending around $2,000 per screen to release the film, what will be the earning? Don't forget that from whatever ticket collections film producers get, they also have to pay rents, which is around 50 percent and also tax. What remains is much less than 50 percent of the gross. The highest grossing Kannada film till now is Rangi Tauranga followed by Kirik Party and Godhi Banana Sadarana Mykattu. Only 4 films have earned more than 1 lakh $. Buy not all of it is profit. Many other film producers have lost money despite the film earning thousands of dollars. Here is the list of top earners. 

Release Date     Movie Name      USA Total Gross

01-08-2015          Rangitaranga      315,098.00

01-02-2017          Kirik Party            270,568.00

06-07-2017          Godhi Banna      170,863.00

13-09-2018          Sarkari Hiriya      120,000.00+

                          Prathamika Shale            

29-03-2017          Raajakumara      69,659.00

20-05-2016          U Turn                  60,117.00

30-09-2016          Dodmane Huduga           47,957.00

30-09-2016          Rajaratha             41,800.00

10-01-2017          Pushpaka Vimana            39,968.00

14-10-2016          Neer Dose          35,777.00

05-01-2018          Chamak                                33,904.00

15-09-2017          Mugulu Nage     29,885.00

22-02-2017          Beautiful Manasugulu    21,338.00

29-04-2016          Chakravarthy     20,091.00

17-03-2017          Chowka                                19,865.00

18-11-2016          Santhu Straight Forward               11,968.00

21-04-2017          Shuddhi                               7,795.00

21-12-2017          Anjaniputra        6,815.00

06-03-2015          Mythri                  5,058.00

04-11-2016          Idolle Ramayana               3,377.00


Now KGF has released with high expectations and large number of screens in the USA. Has it beaten the records? How much has it collected? What is its potential in the US? Check the next and final part of this series..