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who is mental
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Who is fooling whom in the latest Huchcha Venkat publicity stunt? Is it Venkat making a fool of the media and audience? Or is it the TRP driven media that does not care about either? 

Chitraloka is very clear that Venkat is not a mental patient. He is only acting like one for sake of publicity and maintaining his image. Speak to him about business and there is no hint of being a mental patient. But otherwise when there is a camera he starts acting like a mad man. It is also clear that he is doing all this for publicity.

Now the question is whether TV reality shows making innocents suffer. It is being projected like an innocent girl taking advantage of a popular person just to win the crown. But it is clear who is trying to gain publicity here.

In 2010 Venkat used the name of Ramya and now it is the turn of Rachana. Knowing his background it is surprising that channels call him and hold a panel discussion. 

If it is a real investigation, Venkat should say what happened to his real wife before making silly claims about Rachana.