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s narayan, rajkumar, hamsalekha

In his very first film, Narayan had newcomers like Raghuveer, Swetha and Shobraj. These actors went on to mark their own stamp in Sandalwood. Though it is common knowledge that Darshan made his debut as hero in the film Majestic, it was in a Narayan film that he faced the camera for the first time. It was in the movie Mahabharata with Vinod Raj in the lead. Some of the other actors Narayan introduced through his films include Sunaad Raj, Abjith, Amulya, Roopika, Swetha Chengappa and Pankaj. 

Narayan introduced Golden Star Ganesh in his TV serial Eshwari. Srinagara Kitty made his TV appearance through Bhageerathi serial. Swetha Chengappa, Siri, Muni, Sunil and others also acted in his serials before making it to the big screen. 

Not only actors, Narayan introduced many technicians also. Cinematographers Giri, Mathew, PKH Dos, Rajendra, J H Wali and Renu Kumar cut their teeth in S Narayan's direction.

Narayan not only directed Rajkumar and his three sons, but also most of the extended family of Rajkumar including Balaraj, Vijaya Raghavendra and Srimurali. He introduced his son Pankaj in Veeru movie. Narayan has the credit of directing not only in Commercial movies but also in art movies. 

There are quite a few directors in south India who have directed 50 films in their career. But unlike most of them, Narayan has also composed music, wrote lyrics, dialogues, story and screenplay for many of them. Naryana also had some long associations in films. Editor Soundarraj has the credit of editing 35 of Narayan's movies.

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