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Huccha Venkat is in news again and and once again it is for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday in the Bigg Boss 4 house Huccha Venkat was allowed to enter as a guest for three hours. In the house he has attacked contestant Pratham and assaulted him injuring him.

Regarding this Kiccha Sudeep has said following words in his twitter handle.


1) Just saw th episode and this act by Huccha Venkat is inexcusable... I shall stand by wat needs to be done...

2) I do host the show,,but If he thinks he can walk in,physically abuse a contestant n walk out then he's wrong.. he should n shall be punished

3) This is my promise to my viewers and the contestants tat I shall only appear again to host only after justice is done.

Lets see some flashbacks of Huccha Venkat: 

Everybody knows what Huccha Venkat is. I knowing him from many years. Venkat is not a mental person. He talks sensibly and knows what he is doing and what he is talking.


Because of his popularity Huccha Venkat became a contestant in the Bigg boss 3 season and was becoming very popular and the TRP was going high. Last year on 14th November in a show in which Sudeep was hosting, Venkat made a big mistake by assaulting another contestant Ravi Moorur. This incident had happened in front of Sudeep. Immediately Sudeep sent him out of the Bigg Boss. This is the first such case based on what has happened in a reality show.

After this Huccha Venkat was arrested by the police on November 20th and was sent to judicial custody. On 26 November 2015 he got bail in the city civil court and came out from the jail.

Sensing his popularity Venkat re-released his movie Huccha Venkat on December 18th. Huchcha Venkat has got a new title called 'Firing Star' and the actor requested that he should be called 'Firing Star' instead of Huchcha Venkat in the future.


Even reputed director Yogaraj tried to encash Huccha Venkat's popularity. Yogaraj Bhat made him to sing a song for his movie Parapancha and added some scenes involving Huccha Venkat. Earlier this year, book on Huccha Venkat was also released!

Now coming to the point. When this season of Bigg Boss 4 started Huccha Venkat was doing a programme in Suvarna News called Naane Bigg Boss. He said he was watching the episodes daily and said none of the contestants in this season are  worthy participants. But he was all praise for Sudeep.

Colors Kannada channel was inviting celebrities to spend some time in the Bigg Boss 4 house as guests. Even Malashree had also gone to the house. Likewise the channel wanted to encash Huccha Venkat's popularity and invited him to the house and allowed him to spend three hours with the contestants. 

In the episode telecast on 15th November it was made clear that none of the contestants were supposed to speak with Huccha Venkat. Surprisingly two bouncers were with Huccha Venkat. All the time they were behind Venkat. This means Bigg Boss had expected something may go wrong and had arranged the body guards. 


The body guards were doing what Huccha Venkat was ordering to them to do. At one point when Venkat was near Pratham he handed over a tumbler to a body guard to keep it and the guard obeyed it. During this time Huccha Venkat started hitting Pratham. Only after two puches the bodyguards realized what was happening and restrained Venkat and took hold of him and brought him out.

As Venkat has said in a channel interview later, he had lied to Bigg Boss and was mentally prepared to hit Pratham. Now who is to be blamed for the incident? Is it Huccha Venkat or Bigg Boss is the big question. 

Sudeep has tweeted and has said Venkat should and shall be punished and then only he will appear again to host the show. That is o only after justice is done.

Knowing Sudeep from last 20 years Sudeep takes cares of the people with him. Whenever he sees problem he rushes to help them. He has helped many whether it is a charity or for the movie producers whenever they were in a crisis and has seen that their movies are released smoothly.

The Sudeep I Know : KM Veeresh - Part 8

Sudeep has said the words "Punished and Justice". But what does he expect by this? Who can take action on Huccha Venkat? Will Colors channel which is producing and telecasting the show file a complaint to police? If so on what action? First letting him inside the house is a big mistake. Will police accept the complaint? Even if they accept the complaint at the most he will be sent to judicial custody and in few days he will be back!

Will Sudeep come out from hosting the Bigg Boss show? I don’t think so. It is only because of Sudeep that the show has become very popular and moreover he has signed the contract for this season and for next 3 years also. So the channel will not allow him to leave. But Sudeep won't bother to come out when he does not get justice.

Sudeep - The Real Bigg Boss

The only way left is for the Channel to apologies to Sudeep for letting Huccha Venkat inside the house. But will they do it?

Sudeep Opens His Mind To Chitraloka - Exclusive

Will Sudeep be satisfied and will he continue the show is the big question.

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