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The title problems regarding Sharan starrer 'Adhyaksha' may have been resolved and the film is running to packed houses. But after everything has been resolved many problems have started and producer cum distributor Mukhtar is busy resolving the problems.

Earlier, producer Mukthar has gone to Court and had brought a stay on the film as he had a title called 'Adhyaksharu' with him. Mukthar had questioned the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce that in spite of granting him a title called 'Adhyaksharu', how can it give a similar title called 'Adhyaksha'to producers Gangadhar and Basavaraj. Even director of 'Adhyaksharu' had filed a case against against the film. However, producers Basavaraj and Gangadhar held a meeting with Mukthar and the case was resolved with the film being renamed as 'Sharan Adhyaksha'.

Though the issue was resolved, director Partha who was supposed to direct 'Adhyaksharu' threatened to create more problems. Producers Gandgadhar and Basavaraj who had already announced the release dates paid him four lakhs and got the permission from him also.

However, Mukthar came to know about this much later and was upset about the director for using his name to extort money from the producers. It was Mukthar who had registered the title 'Adhyaksharu' and it was he who gave the title to Gangadhar and Basavaraj. But the director made money out of the whole issue.

Mukthar who is pretty upset that his name got unnecessarily dragged in this issue, is in search of the director.