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Looks like the Censor Board doors are closed for the Kannada film industry for the next few days and there won't be any new releases till the new censor members are appointed.

Earlier, Censor officer Nagendra Swamy had taken the initiative to take the kannada films to Mumbai to get the films censored. He had helped the producers in clearing films like 'Bahuparak', 'Miss Mallige', 'Sharan Adhyaksha', 'Aryan' and 'Tirupathi Express' in Mumbai.

Now, it looks like Mumbai's doors are also closed for the Kannada film industry as the CBI officials have arrested Censor Board CEO Rajesh kumar in a bribe case. With the Mumbai Censor Board is under suspicion, there are no chances of Kannada films being censored in Mumbai.

Talking to Chitraloka, 'I don’t want to react on the Rajesh Kumar case. But my hands are tied. Till the government clears the members list for censor we cannot do censor for any Kannada movies here' says CBFC chief Nagendra Swamy.

Puneeth Rajkumar starrer 'Power Star' was supposed to be censored in Mumbai on Monday (18th August). Now there are chances of the film being postponed.

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