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Sudeep is now busy working for his first Hindi film "Phoonk' which is directed by Ram Gopal Verma. And the film is a thriller and horror film, the genre of which Ram Gopal Verma is famous for. Sudeep has Amritha, a talented Marati stage actress as the heroine.

Ram Gopal Verma had gone into shell after the debacle of his most expected film "Aag' with big stars like Amithabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan. In this film which was a remake of block buster "Sholay', Amithabh had played a villain Gabbar Singh's role. And many people in the Hindi film industry thought that Ram Gopal Verma can not come out of the shock debacle of his Aag. But that is about to change. The filmmaker is back with a horror film tentatively called Phoonk, which will be produced by One More Thought Entertainment with Sudeep as the hero. Amar mohli who had worked as a music director of films like "Sarkaar' and "Sarkaar Raj' is composing music for "Phoonk'. The camera work is handled by a female cinemetographer Savitha.

The speciality of "Phoonk' is that Ram Gopal Verma has given full freedom to make the film the way he desires. And there has been no budget constraints.

The film will be produced by ex-K Sera Sera partner Azam khan along with industrialist-turned filmmaker, Parvez Damania. And Ramu, it seems will be given all the creative liberties to make the film. He is one among different directors roped in by One More Thought Entertainment to direct the production company’s film. The company has decided to make nine films in a span of two years and would be signing more directors for the same.

And right now, it’s Ramu’s turn. The director who disappeared after the disastrous box office performance of his Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, has also agreed to do two more films for the company after Phoonk. And as a token gesture, the company decided to gift Ramu a Lexus car. Phoonk is being shot in Mumbai studios and some out door spots in Mumbai now. The film will also be made in Telugu and will be produced under his Ramu’s technical supervision. The telugu flick wilAs for Ramu, sources say he is keen to make a horror film as it has been a while since he made one after the 2003 hit Bhoot which starred Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar.