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Additional Director General of Police AR Infant watched the Kannada film Thamassu starring Shiva Rajkumar along with the Regional Censor Board officers on Wednesday evening. This development was the result of the intervention of Sharmila Tagore, the Central Board of Film Certification chairperson. This is the FIRST TIME in the Kannada Movie Industry Police officer viewing the film to give JUDGEMENT.

Sources say that the strange situation was a result of Bangalore's Regional Censor Officer Nagaraj sending the trailers of Thamassu to Sharmila Tagore for her perusal. Sharmila Tagore felt that the film was sensitive and it was better if a senior police officer watched the film along with the Censor officers.

The film, directed by Agni Sridhar, was watched by the Censor officers in a private preview theatre on Wednesday evening and present with them was AR Infant, Additional Director General of Police, Law & Order, Chief Officer, Bangalore. In the film, Shiva Rajkumar plays a cop and the film itself is about the Hindu-Muslim relationship.

The situation also probably arose because the recent Vijay starrer Shankar IPS got into legal trouble because of its content. Vijay too played a cop in Shankar IPS and advocates got a stay on the screening of the film which was later vacated after muting of objectionable dialogues. Thamassu, with this forethought of being seen by a senior cop may escape such troubles.

Question which arises here is –

Why the censor officer has to send the visuals to Chairman of CBFC?

Is there a guideline in the censor to call the police officer for the censor of the movie?

If so, then why no police officers was called till now?

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