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shivarajkumar, rajkumar

Shivarajkumar has hinted that he may be acting in a mythological film soon. This is none other than the role of Bhakta Ambareesha that his legendary father Rajkumar wanted to act in. The dream of Rajkumar remained unfulfilled. Hamsalekha had planned recording of the songs but unfortunately Rajkumar was abducted just a day before that.
bhaktha ambareesha song recording on 23rd june 2000 (pic km veeresh)

Shivanna while receiving the title 'Taaynada Tilaka' from fans in Hubli yesterday hinted that he may be acting in that role shortly. Shivanna will be acting in the historical role of Kabir later this year to be directed by Narendara Babu.
If Bhakta Ambareesha takes off, he will have the distinction of having acted in multiple mythological and historical roles. Rajkumar had acted as Kabir but not as Ambareesha.
Will Shivanna fulfil Rajkumar's dream is to be seen.