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Gandhinagar circles are quite perplexed over the registration of the title "Nayaki, with caption Tere Mareyalli' in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce by none other than producer Ramesh Yadav who made 'Akka Thangi' with Shruthi as the heroine and S. Mahendar as the director. Has Ramesh Yadav planned to make a film which has a story revolving around the recent controversies in the lives of Shruthi and Mahendar who are very closer to him? This has been hot on the agenda in the discussions going on in Gandhinagar.
Ramesh Yadav confirms that he has registered the title Nayaki in the KFCC, but refuses to answer any questions relating to the story of the film. "I have been registering various titles in the KFCC only because it had some appealing value. Even now, I have just registered the title because I have liked it. Other than this I do not want to reveal anything' says Ramesh Yadav.
But sources in the film industry say that Ramesh Yadav has plans to make a film on the recent controversies in Shurthi and Mahendar's life.