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R Chandru has recently announced a film called ‘Brahma – The Leader’ with Upendra. Now everybody’s question is that are ‘Brahma’ and ‘Malleshi’ the same?

Earlier, R Chandru had announced a film called ‘Malleshi – The Leader’ with Shivarajkumar after the success of ‘Mylaari’. Both Shivarajkumar and Chandru became busy after that and while Shivarajkumar went on to act in films like ‘Shiva’, ‘Kaddipudi’ and ‘Andar Bahar’, Chandru got busy with ‘Kho Kho’ and ‘Charminar’. Hereby, ‘Malleshi – The Leader’ was kept on hold.

Now after the success of ‘Charminar’, R Chandru has announced that he will be directing a film called ‘Brahma – The Leader’. Now the question that Brahma and Malleshi are same has arisen because except for the names of ‘Malleshi’ and ‘Brahma’ the tagline ‘The Leader’ has been continued. So, sources say that ‘Brahma’ and ‘Malleshi’ are the same.

Sources also add that though Chandru wanted to make the film with Shivanna, he could not do so as Shivanna’s dates are unavailable till the year end as he is busy with other projects. Meanwhile, Chandru got the dates of Upendra and Upendra who was impressed with Chandru’s story has agreed to give immediate dates by pushing his home production further.

So, Chandru has adopted a few changes in the same script and will be directing Upendra which was earlier made for Shivarajkumar. Chandru has other plans for directing Shivarajkumar but the film can be possible only next year.