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It is a strange situation for Kannada actor Sathish Neenasam. On Monday he was jubilant as his Twitter account got verified. But a day later it seems his account has been hacked. His account is being redirected to another person's account named IamAndyOk.

Speaking to Chitraloka Sathish said, "I don't know what has happened to my twitter account. I tried to log in but was not able to do so. I have not changed my password also. Yesterday it got verified and today somebody seems to have hacked it. I will contact the concerned people to get back my account." 

It looks like someday has stolen all the followers of Sathish. "I was having 11.7 K followers and now its showing zero" said Sathish. This makes one wonder if it is more than the theft of online identity. Some hacker seems to have stolen the online identity plus all the followers of Sathish.