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shivarajkumar, radhika kumaraswamy

If everything had gone as planned then Radhika Kumaraswamy should have started 'Bangarada vamsha' being directed by Saiprakash by now. But there is no news of that film. Now the question on everybody's lips are whether the film has been shelved?

Earlier, Saiprakash had announced that he would be directing a film for Radhika's home banner. The film which was titled as 'Bangarada Vamsha' had Shivarajkumar and Radhika playing brother-sister after 'Anna Thangi'. Even Shivarajkumar and Radhika were excited about the project. But there is no news of that film. Recently, Radhika had said that she will be producing a film to be directed by Nandakishore and there was no news of 'Bangarada vamsha'.

Even director Saiprakash says that he has no news about why 'Bangarada vamsha' is being delayed or whether it has been shelved. Saiprakash says only after the film is started he can plan about his future and until that, he cannot say anything. But actress cum producer Radhika has been mum about this project.

Does that mean that 'Bangarada Vamsha' is shelved?