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Actor turned director Nandakishore has surely put the audience in confusion. The director who has two hits ('Victory' and 'Adhyaksha') and a star film (Sudeep's 'Ranna') to his credit has three films in hand and which among the three will he be directing next is a question in everybody's mind.

Earlier, there was news that Nandakishore will be directing Radhika Kumaraswamy in a new film after 'Ranna'. Radhika herself has confirmed that she will not only be acting in the film, but also will be producing it. Radhika had said that she is learning horse riding, Kathak and rope training for the film.

After that, actor 'Nenapirali' Prem had announced that he will be acting in director Nandakishore's film after which it was confirmed that Nandakishore will be directing the 'Kandareega' remake for Dhruva Sarja. With three films in hand, which one would Nandakishore take after 'Ranna' is yet to be answered.

Which will be Nanda's next film after 'Ranna'? Wait and watch.