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The tall well built and much sought after actor in Telugu films a native of Karnataka Vinod Alva intends to produce his 100th film sometime in the next year. He has just touched 94 films with ‘Dhaali’ and in 15 years of tinsel town stay he will be completing 100 days. He was speaking to media persons on the sets of ‘Dhaali’ and said the preparation of story is underway for his century. If I mind I can produce a film today. I have enough of resources but I have to wait for a good story. The film will be produced in Kannada and dubbed in to Telugu and Tamil languages say Vinod Alva in the get of an Inspector on the first day of shooting of ‘Dhaali’. Besides Vinod Alva there will be one more hero is what he has decided right now.
Picking up popularity from the days of ‘Mouna Poratam’ Vinod had a good innings in Telugu films. He feels comfortable and content in his profession so far.
All the best Vinod Alva. Let your 100th film run for 100 days and give you fame and money the key constituents in this arch -light.