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The week long cultural festival in United States of America from American Kannada Koota (AKKA) will include the presence of  Karnataka Chief Minister, Dr.Rajkumar  and renowned music director Hamsalekha according to the head of the Entertainment Committee head Mr Ramprasad the software technologist and mellifluous singer living in California. Ramprasad song Yadhava Nee Baa Yadhukala nanda the soft and superb voice stunned the media mainly because of effortless singing of Ramprasad. The Malli malli Ivalu Malli Rangu Rangu challo Rangavalli… , for the film ‘Jilladhikari’ was a fast song recorded by music director Rajesh Ramanathan was also heard by the media that attended at Aakash audio. Complimenting the voice of Ramprasad, the music director expressed that this is a voice with emotions and perfect diction delivery I was looking for told Rajesh Ramanathan in his address
Here is a quick that with Mr Ramprasad held at Akash Audio in Bangalore on Saturday, 5th January.
Mr Ram, when did you come to Bangalore from US?
I came fifteen days back with several intentions. I took part in the silver jubilee celebration of ‘Nanna Preethiya Hudugi’ and spent most of my time in recording the songs from two albums and for a film ‘Jilladhikari’ starring Shivrajkumar. I had sung two songs for Jilladhikari and in a quick span of time I recorded my voice for 20 songs. There are two albums – one on love songs and another one a devotional one coming out from Akash Audio.
As chairman of Entertainment committee of prestigious AKKA in USA what have you planned?
As a Kannadiga I felt the pinch when other language music directors and singers used to come to USA. The top ones who used to come never used to sing a Kannada song. Only on request persons like SPB and others used to sing. But there is point in what they say. The respective language people from their states sponsor them so there is no point in asking them to sing Kannada songs. Keeping in this mind I have decided to get the top Kannada music director Hamsalekha to United States of America for the cultural festival taking place from September 2. The AKKA President Mr Amaranath Gowda is also contemplating on inviting the Karnataka Chief Minister and Dr.Rajkumar. The fragrance of kannada would be spread in various places this time.
How is your practice despite busy schedule going on?
I have started practicing during my free times. My drive from home to office is just one hour. This is advantage for me. Back home or inside the car I keep on listening to music.
You teach singing in United States of America?
I used to teach lot of students earlier. Now I am teaching those who match my pitch of voice. In one of my batch Deepali came to learn singing. This is how she came into contact and later selected for ‘Nanna Preethiya Hudugi’.
How the people abroad are know much about happenings here?
On issues related to kannada films they are referring Chitraloka.com. It is giving all information on a daily basis. We are happy about it. There is more demand for the audio and CDS plus the films on Kannada. The marketing could be excavated at this point of time.
Do you have any tie up with Akash audio?
The talks are going on with Akash audio. I am interested in boosting up the image of Kannada basics and film songs besides the films. I am planning one on the poems of Pu.Thi.Narasimhachar. The daughter of Pu.Thi.Na -Alamelu Iyenger is interested in the audio album I am planning to work out. I am requesting Akash audio to bring that audio album on Pu.Ti.Na and send around 300 cassettes and CD’s