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sp balasubramanyam (pic - km veeresh)

Sitting by the river side and practicing is not bad. It varies from person to person. There is difference in headphone system. Rhythm of the song is properly heard. But Mumbai style of headphones I am not convenient.

The depth of the voice could be increased as the year passes. I had the same problem. In stage there is 1000 watts. The output in recording theatre there is a different parameter. But in all places out voice should set.

A song that has to be sung by Rafisab and PBS are different. Each one cannot be interchanged and given. The acoustics of the recording theatre counts a lot for me. The moment I enter the recording theatre I study the ambience. SPB took out the invitation and sung the lines written in two different patterns. You say I love you Amma to your girlfriend you would say I love you darling with two different voices.

We film people dupe the audience. That’s what happened in Keladi Kanmani breathless song. Singing is like ‘Pranayama’. In Kannada with words like Ha and Bha it is still difficult.

S.Janakiji is an effortless singer. She stands like Devathe – Bharathemathe and sing. Still word to word she gives expression. Modulates her voice immensely.

The attention, consideration and perusal important for a singer. There should be perfect match with Shruthi.

For 15 years singing 12 hours I abused my voice. I had to pay the penalty be operating on singer nodule for my vocal chord. I am a chatter box, in addition to it is day and night singing plus the dubbing I used to do acting troubled me one fine day. I believe in radical human body in my profession and life is more important than my profession.

From soft singing also you can strain your vocal chord.

The singers have to be careful about their dust. We are born, live and die in dust. In India no one can escape dust. I drink cold water. Ice cold I drink without any problems.

If you want me to sing the song what S.Janakiji had sung in ‘Hemavathy’ I require two more births. I am a very average singer.

When people insist that I should sing like or I don’t like lyrics I tell them leave me alone.

I never go to mike with suspicion. I do my singing also very quickly.

The change in the voice in certain age is biological.

A singer should be a split personality. After he leaves the house he should leave all your worries. Like how a mother gives birth and nourish it the music directors give us to sing a song. Concentration and focus are very important.

Learn to respect a junior. Music director is the captain for me. Like how he says I sing. When he asks me to give it in my style I do that also.

I here because of that great Kodandapaniji. Had he not taken me to music directors, Janakiji did not give me proper advice. I would not have been here. I would have been engineer by this time otherwise.

Kodandapaniji told me that I will sing for 40 years easily. I have completed 39 years now. I never dreamt that I would be a singer. Not learnt music I told Janakiji. She also told me that she has also not learnt music.

MS and Lathaji are two icons of different pattern in this country. They are soulful singers.

Today’s assistant directors are not aware what they should get from singers. How can they tell the ones who do not know Kannada.

Prior to the beginning of this interaction K.S.L.Swamee (Ravee) took stock of the situation and told the questioners not to ask personal questions (do not ask where your Ravike and shirts are stitched) and asked them to keep their questions written. The questions should be related to profession he said. In all the three veterans there is a letter ‘S’. That is Sangeetha synchronized Swamee. At one point of time Swamee objected to PBS giving lengthy answers. PBS did not get angry. Swamee shot back if you give short answers 10 questions come to you. PBS did not care. He was giving lengthy answers. The chairman of Chi Udayashanker memorial award C.Somasekhar called PB as ‘Prathivadhi Bayankara’. Felt very happy to give away the award for the last three years. He recalled the great poet G.S.Shivarudrappa song Edhe Thumbi Hadididhenu andhu Naanu……