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Shashikala, the charming and absorbing voice of over 1000 Kannada films in a career spanning 25 years. Shashikala is the voice of every female heroine coming to Kannada. She is kabi Kush and kabhi gum. The reason 'gum' is no pretty good position so far. She is 'kushi' because an artiste like Kushboo prefers Shashikala voice over for all her roles in Kannada and even compliments her rightly. Starting her career in 1980 Shashikala lent her voice for actress Vijayalakshmi in the film 'Avala Hejje'. Her father is her backbone who was assistant director. Her mother is her inspirer. She had sent her to dubbing despite of heavy fever. Shashikala the voice of hundreds of artistes in Kannada films is a television actress too. The unforgettable moment in her life is the dubbing for the film

'Chandramukhi' Tamil film of Rajanikanth. She lent her voice for actress Jyothika. She developed lungs, throat and ear pain. Shouting is not an easy task she says. Dubbing artistes have now become available artiste. We reenter to the role played by artistes. That is a tough job. Linking the lip movement, balancing, modulation requires lot of dedication. From the little baby voice to that of an old woman Shashikala modulate her voice.

Her performance as an actress in producer Rajavardhan television serials, Yava Janmadha Maithri, Kadambari and Kankana has received wide appreciation. Shashikala hopes the position of Kannada dubbing artistes improve like in Tamil and Telugu.