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vishnuvardhan (pic km veeresh)

When age catches up what would one do sensibly? He search and excavate the inner elements in his every thoughts and thus reaches the contentment without fighting with the outside forces. He in fact fights alone with tremendous guts. A stage of saturation, divinity, nobility but certainly not dejection - all rolled into one is the perfect position of the versatile actor Vishnuvardhan the ‘Yajaman’

A look at how Vishnu looks at issues:


I have been made as an actor. I am never an actor. I am indebted to guru Puttanaji. The pompous mileage I got from ‘Nagarahavu’ is something unimaginable. The entire country turned towards ‘Kannada Nadu’ when ‘Nagarahavu’ was released. I have got everything after that. From that film I was injected the peculiar complex by my Guruji. He used to tell not to have a look at the films I have acted. After ‘Nagarahavu’ is just turn back and look it is thirty years behind me. It just happened. I get to know from others about my films. I always look out for honest people who give verdict on my film. I have not seen ‘Nagarahavu’ to ‘Yajamana’ in the theatre. That preaching made by my Guru I am maintaining. My wife Bharathi wants me to take her films. Then only she will see films. She had taken an oath. But I am watching others films but not mine.


What is supposed to happen happens. We cannot say that something should not have happened. The GOD decides achievement, hard work, success, failure and even every move. Like wise there is no psychology and philosophy. There is only ‘Manasshastra’. I believe in book of nature.


The thoughts enter my mind very regularly. For many happenings I question to myself.

The life is a vicious circle. Fortune is like a wheel. It has rotate and give us what is written in our name. But I believe in sticking on to true life. When we question our inner feelings on some developments in our life we look so crooked, nonsense and stooping to lower levels. I recently heard about banning me by media man. Such a ‘Bahishkarakke’ nanna ‘Namaskara’. What do we gain by such things is what we should see. But one thing is sure. I don’t have anything left to ask the almighty. I agree that I know very well that I don’t know.


Karnataka filmdom – sandalwood is a peculiar one. Often I say ‘Saare Mulk ek tharaf Karnatak ek taraf’. At 10 years period the new breeds have to

stand up strongly. When I take a look at my career, I feel that I have not struggled. Somebody has struggled is what always strikes me when I recount. For me living so many years in filmdom is achievement. Honestly I am overwhelmed. Likewise I have not given anything to others. If chance comes I don’t go back.


What our ancestors have proved and provided it is going to foreign countries. Take the case of Sansui objectives. The Japanese style of living the importance they attach to social life. Its origin is from India. But sadly we Indians are ignorant. ‘Ignorance is the greatest qualification’.