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In the midst of rain of remakes and a lot of action oriented films in Kannada the novel of a top Kannada literary personality late M.K.Indira – POORVAPARA is adapted to big screen in a very big way by our fond ‘Edakallu Guddadhamele’ fame Chandrasekhar now living in Denver of North America.

He is producer and director of ‘Poorvapara’ the man bubbling with activities and creative thinking had come for chat with Chitraloka and furnished the following details.

Excerpts of a chat made by K.M.Veeresh:

How is the progress of the film ‘Poorvapara’?

The film is already half complete, it was shot in Sringeri and for about 15 days. The highlight was the shooting of the Navarathri celebrations. We had great support from the temple authorities and the local people. The 50 percent of the Indian portion is complete and the crew is waiting for the visas to come and shoot in US. The story demands the shoot in United States of America.

How long do you want to shoot in USA?

For 15 days and then go head for post- production work. We did some visual shooting in Denver. The snow was great here for four days.

What is the star cast of ‘Poorvapara’?

Geetha heads the star cast. Srinath has a total new look in this film and Navin Mayur plays the hero. Dancer par excellence Lakshmi Gopalswamy is Naveen’s counterpart. This is the debut film of Lakshmi Gopalaswamy in Kannada. The remaining cast comprises of veteran Shantamma, Kitti television actor and the veteran stage artist M.P.Venkatarao and Radha Ramachandra.

What about the literary and technical team of ‘Poorvapara’?

K.S Sridhar has joined me in direction. The reputed cameraman, G.S.Bhaskar is behind the camera. The lyrics are by Jayanth Kaikini, Sandhya Ravindranath from Sanjose California. Our great lyricist late Vijayanarasimha song is used in this film. Perhaps this is Vijayanarasimhaji’s last song. Rajesh Krishna, Archana Udupa, Pallivi, Badriprasad and Vijayabhaskar Grand Daughter Sri Lakshmi have rendered their voice.  Ramakrishna does the make up. Costumes are by Jayanthi. Art direction by Desai

When you are planning to shoot in USA?

If all goes well with Visas and crew come here soon, I am planning to shoot in the second week of February 2002. My only worry is the Visa situation. The situation is very tough. I pray god all goes well.

Who are coming there to participate for shooting?

Geetha is already in Newjersy. Naveen Mayur and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy are expected to turn up. In addition to it cameraman Bhasker, my co director K.S.Sridhar and make up man Ramakrishna have to reach here.

What are the places you have selected for shooting?

Denver is very picturesque. The Rocky Mountains are exquisite. With snow fall it is gorgeous. I have already shot some of the visuals of the snow and a few things required for the film. I live in Denver.  In Colorado and Grandcanyan I am planning to shoot. It requires 20 days more to shoot in US locales. So far 50 percent of the film shooting is over.

Are you capturing any song portions in USA?

3 songs would be shot in USA.

What are the portions complete so far?

15 days shooting includes scenes of Geetha going to US and Naveen Mayur marriage, love affair with Lakshmi. Parents how they are living there and also the tragic scene of Srinath death was also captured.

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