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Piracy is a serious issue. As a result of piracy, producers are losing crores and crores of rupees. Lot of producers thinks that digital technology is the main culprit. Technology is the boon and bane for the film industry. It’s too expensive to make 35 mm print for massive release (200-300 prints). Digital screening has bridged the gap, so that we can release the movie with maximum number of prints. Piracy was there even when 35 mm prints were there and after going all digital, piracy still exists. We have seen censor copy getting leaked online as well. With the technology, quality of piracy print is improved. We cannot eliminate piracy completely but we can make sure that the content is protected in all possible ways. 

Majority of the producers think that the piracy happens in overseas because of overseas screening. This is completely false and baseless. Producers are hesitant to release the movie overseas on the same day or within few weeks of the release because of piracy. 

(to be continued)

(Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

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