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With the emergence of digital prints in 2012, Kannada movies were screened in multiple cities on the same day. The same day release was also possible in multiple cities with digital prints. 

Rambo, Drama, Googly established the audiences base all over. Rocking star Yash joined the hands to promote Gajakesari in North America. It was very good start, If the movies are promoted very well overseas, In a long run, we can screen Kannada movies regularly and generate revenue. 


To summarize, good Kannada movies always have market in overseas. Should we count on this revenue while preparing the budget of the movie? We should not. If we get revenue, it will be icing on the cake if not, think that you at least screened the movie and created audiences. 

Finally, the focus should be towards building market by screening good Kannada movies which has been appreciated well by audiences in India and touches the sensibilities that go very well with NRI audiences. 

(to be continued)

(Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

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