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It was very much evident that Karnataka Bull dozers captain Kicha Sudeep was tension ridden in the two matches that the team played against the Chennai Rhinos and Mumbai heroes held last saturday and sunday in KSCA stadium.  Kicha was seen shouting and scolding his own team members whenever something went wrong.   The fact was the players who were much younger to him did not take it to their hearts, but were more than willing to accept their mistakes and play better thereafter.

Finally when the team won it was the entire team which lifted Kicha. More than anything else it was  Kicha and Challenging Star's on ground chemistry which attracted the film goers not so well connected to cricket.

How did Kicha got this level of reverence despite being a little irritating to the normal cricket loving crowd who would love to see captains to be cooler and generous enough to encourage their team mates despite a few flaws on the field.   That is the beauty of Kicha's personality, says a team mate who also played a crucial part in the winning match against Mumbai heroes. "He is one of the best captains that  even rival teams would vouch for. His innovative field placements  and bowling changes to suit the situations were well appreciated.   There is  no level playing field when the team is playing in its home ground where the expectations of the home crowe will reach its peak.   The defeat of the KB team against the much weaker  Chennai Rhinos on Saturday in front of Home Crowd had really shattered all the team members.    There were reports that many film industry people were making fun of  Kicha's foucs on cricket when everything is going fine in the career front.   Frankly we heard some people telling that some film industry personalities were betting that our team will not enter the Semis.  We had to win the match against Mumbai to keep  alive our hopes of  reaching the Semi Final stage.  Thankfully the entire team played very well and we could register a neat victory against Mumbai.  Yes, there was some pressure, but that was natural' says the team member who does not want to reveal his identity.

Talking about the dropped catches and the silly runouts which marred the glory of victory to a little extent, the same person said that their inexperience had something to do with it.   "Other than a few players many of us were taking cricket seriously only for the past two years that too when we were part of the CCL league. In some of the matches we palyed in CCL 2012, we were closing towards victory when some mistakes robbed us of our deserved win.   We are not professionals like IPL cricket league players, but only participating in this tourney to strengthen the relationship among the film stars of other states.  We also want to build up some funds for the artists association.  But when we lost the match against Chennai there was too much pressure on our captain.  Kicha's pressure was too evident, but that did not any way hurt any one of us, as all of us know he is a gem of a person. See how Darshan sir and Kicha enjoyed the win.   They were so happy that I have never seen them laughing, clapping and exchanging hugs in such a manner' ' said the player.

"We had a blast till four in the morning.  Kheny sir had organised a party for all the teams that had played in Bengaluru.   We had finished lunch only around 2.00 A.M. on Monday.  Then the KB team had a celebration time.  It was a great moment for all of us.  All of us danced.and enjoyed the party.  On Monday we did not practice, but today we have come all the way to prepare for our match against Kerala Strikers to be held in Vishakapatnam on February 5.  We wil focus on one match at a time and we will concentrate on Semis only later' said the team member.