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Challenging Star Darshan's new film Chingaari is now being released in over 140 theatres from next Friday. Though many big films like Upendra's Aaptha Rakshaka directed by P.Vasu and the other three films that released this year have occupied a number of theatres in the state, the fact that Chingaari directd by Harsha has been able to get many number of theates is in itself as a big achievement.  And who else is responsible for such a big release other than the charismatic Challenging Star Darshan whom  the Portal has been calling  'Sultan of Huge openings'

"We may reach around 150 theatres by Friday.  There has been a lot of pressure on us to release more number of theatres.  Lot of theatre owners are approaching us.  We want to keep the theatre count a little less in Bengaluru city but that has not been possible as number of people are pressurising us to release Chingaari' says a source connected to  Samarth Ventures who have purchased the film on outright basis for the entire state.

Chingaari is produced by Mahadev and his son Manu Gowda who had earlier made a film titled as  Shishira.   The  audio of the film for which Hari Krishna has composed music  has already been released. Songs like Kai Kayya, Gamanava , Baare Baare and the film's  them  song have been hugely popular already.  The song picturisations have already been liked as director-choreographer Harsha has focused more on the style and variety in the song picturisations.  Besides Darshan's style, action sequences and  glamour quotient of two heroines  Deepika Kamaiah and Bhavana will however be the major attractions of the film, say insiders who have worked in the film.

Harsha has already said many things about Chingaari.  According to him Chingari will be the most stylish film in Challenging Star's career. "Darshan sir`s characterisation itself is different. I dont think he has a performed a role like this anytime before in his career.  We have spectacularly shot fight sequences, beautifully presented songs and a very  interesting type of narration' says Harsha.

And what about the fight sequences which are a must for any Darshan film?  Ravi Varma the action director says each action sequence in the film looks quite different.

'More than the traditional mode of  picturisation of action sequences, we have moved several steps ahead to make each fight sequence to carry lot of novelty features. All the action sequences are  lavishly shot

There are eight fight sequences of the film out of which five sequences are little bigger in style with a little more edited length of  three to four minutes.  The edited length of  three other fights will range between one minute to two minutes.  The unique style of action sequences picturisations will be definitely noticed by Challenging Star's fans'  says Harsha.

According to  Darshan who spoke to a private channel the fights will have variety.  There will be a Kangaroo fight which has not been so far shot in any Kannada film so far.  Three pairs of twins have been used in another fight sequence.  A fight of three minutes has been shot in one shot which is also unique, says Darshan.

'The fights have lot of fast movements and quick reactions' says Ravi Varma.