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The title controversy regarding Shivarajkumar's new film 'The Leader Shivarajkumar' has finally been resolved with the titled being renamed as 'Mass Leader'.

Earlier, producer Tarun Shivappa had filed an application to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce for the title 'The Leader Shivarajkumar'. However, controversy started with producer Raghunath claiming that he had registered the title almost three years back and it is unfair to give 'Leader' as the title is with him.

However, there was another titled called 'Mass Leader' registered with the KFCC. Producer Srikantamurthy alias Ajaykumar who had the title 'Mass Leader' has agreed to transfer the title to Tarun Shivappa. Ajaykumar has already given the transfer letter in this regard and from on Shivarajkumar's film which was earlier titled as 'The Leader Shivarajkumar' will be officially called 'Mass Leader'.