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deepika, nandakishore, nimishishambha chandru, sudeep

It was an early morning muharat for the Kannada remake of Attrintiki Dariyedi on Wednesday. Sudeep, director Nanda Kishore, Coach Anil, Yogish Dwarkish were among the dozens of cast and crew who were present at the West of Chord road Ganapathi temple for the muharat. The shooting of the film starts tomorrow in Hyderabad and involve Prakash Rai, Devraj among others.

Movie is produced by Nimishambha Chandrashekar. His daubhter Deepika clapped for the first shot and Chandrashekar son Udaya Chandra did the Camera Switch On.

After the success of Mirchi remake Maanikya, Sudeep has picked up this film as his next project.