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km veeresh, atlanta nagendra

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, USA in early 2000, I was looking for a website that would exclusively carry out the news from KFI. I was fortunate enough to find Chitraloka. Those were the days, internet was getting to kick off. It’s a good thought from Mr. Veeresh to come up with online website, it shows vision of great thinker.  I am sure that, it was very difficult to make it happen in those days (because of huge costs involving in the set-up and execution).

I met Mr. Veeresh during the making of my first movie Joke Falls in 2003. I was really surprised to see his technical knowledge about internet technologies in setting up the chitraloka.com. It clearly shows his passion towards building something new for KFI. On top of it, Veeresh is amazing photographer.

Veeresh always constantly keeps thinking of giving something new or presenting something creative. The creative mind in him is also an asset for his growth. One of the biggest accomplishments is the photo exhibition. Veeresh displayed the stills of Kannada films from 1932 to 2006.  This was first of its kind for any regional language and entered into Limca book of records.

First and foremost is that you need to store all the content, gradually the contents keeps increasing and all the contents has to be online at any point of time (This really requires lots and lots of server space and costs are very high). It’s very difficult to even think about it but Mr. Veeresh has successfully executed it and has been inspirer for few other portals.

When we were shooting the last song of my movie RAMBO (This song was a dedication to the greatest comedians and technicians), I approached Veeresh for rarest photos of the comedians and was set to me quickly within few hours, so that our shooting was not disrupted.  

Each project has its own share of ups and downs. Major one was the dot com burst in 2000, it was very difficult phase to survive in those days. Veeresh and his team have overcome all the hurdles in successfully making the Number 1 portal for Kannada film news.

I wish a very Happy 15th Anniversary for Chitraloka. I wish more success and recognitions for Chitraloka.
Chitraloka, You Rock…..