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kalpana, abhinetri pooja gandhi

Pooja Gandhi has confirmed what many had suspected since the launch of the film Abhinetri. The film is inspired by the life of late actress Kalpana. Pooja accepted the fact during a television programme about the film on Suvarna News. All along the producer-actress had avoided answering this question though everyone who saw the stills of the film had no doubt that it was about Kalpana. Pooja's confirmation comes in the wake of the court case against her film by a writer who claimed that the film was based on her novel Abhinetriya Antaranga. The HC has ordered a lower court to watch the film and decide if it is based on the novel.

Veteran director KSL Swamee (Ravee) who was participating in a debate on the controversy, said that if the film makers had made the statement earlier that it was inspired by the life of Kalpana, there would have been no controversy or a court case to deal with.

Kalpana, the biggest female star of the 1970s is believed to have committed suicide after a failed love affair. Her life has been the stuff of Sandalwood folklore for decades now. How the film Abhinetri honours her memory is to be seen now!

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