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Director Arjun who had a major successful debut in the film Ambari has almost completed work for his second film "Adhdhoori' starring debutant Dhruv Sarja and Radhika Pandit in lead roles, but for a picturisation of a song. The team of Adhdhuri had a press meet on Monday after completion of a day's song shoot that was held in neighbouring Hosur of Tamil Nadu. Director  Arjun promised a trendy visual fare and a new presentation of  romantic and  emotional story.  The film's producer Shankara Reddy said that he will credit  Arjun with all the best things in the film despite facing some constraints during the making of the film.

Arjun  answered many delicate questions about the delay in the release of the film and why it had faced many problems during the shoot.  He said the rehearsals that had to be undertaken before the start of the film did take nearly three to four months after which the regular shoot had to start.  And there was the problem of getting call sheets of all the artists. And a youthful, trendy team needed lot of support from the technical team as well.  "We took a longer time in song compositions, editing work and other post production activities.  HE thanked Radhika Pandit to have spared lot of time for Rehearsals which enabled the improvement in film's content.  HE said Dhruva  will prove to be a  very good performance  in days to come.  He said that the film has been shot in fresh locations which is sure to give the whole film a new look.  He said that the film defines the meaning of true love.  

Radhika Pandit expressed confidence on the content of the film and said shooting the songs in abroad was a fantastic experience.    She said despite some delay "Adhdhoori' will be one film which she would remember always and will remain  a film closer to her heart.  

Dhruv Sarja thanked director Arjun and his co=star Radhika Pandit for teaching even the small nuances of  acting and allowing him to have freedom to dub in his own voice.  He said he is confident of the film to reach out the audience in the best possible way.