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Pro Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj has said that Jnananpeeth Award winner Dr Chandrashekhar Kambara is not for dubbing, but is against the dubbing culture. Vatal was speaking at the rally held at the Central College grounds in Bangalore.

'Actor Prem was rather upset with Dr Chandrashekhara Kambara for his stand for dubbing. I talked to Dr Kambara today over the phone and he said his words have been miscommunicated and he is not for dubbing. Dr Kambara says dubbing is good because the kids can see some educational programmes from National Geograophic and other channels when it is dubbed to Kannada. He is definitely for dubbing in cinema' said Vatal in his speech.

Vatal thanked actress Tara on this occasion. 'Tara was the first one to take up the dubbing issue in the Legislative Council and she has done a great job' said Vatal. He also thanked Sa Ra Govindu for resigning from his post in the KFCC and attending the rally.

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