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jaggesh, guruprasad, ms ramesh

Actor-producer Jaggesh and director M S Ramesh came out in open and criticized Guruprasad for his stand on dubbing. Jaggesh on his speech said, 'that one director says he has done a lot of research on dubbing for the past 26 years and has come to the decision that dubbing is right for the Kannada film industry.

I think he is 38 years now. Kudos to the director for making research about the Kannada film industry from the age of 12 years itself' criticised Jaggesh. He also said that it is the media who made a hero out of Guruprasad. 'He has just done films in the last seven years. But he comes out in open and talks anything about the Kannada film industry' said Jaggesh and requested not to make hero out of anyone else.

M S Ramesh said Guruprasad must always stick to a stand. 'Three years back, Guruprasad himself told me that dubbing is wrong and now he has immediately changed track by saying that dubbing is right. Guruprasad must learn to stick to one stand' said M S Ramesh.

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