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sumanth shailendra, akshay

Sumanth Shailendra and Akshay starrer 'Bettanagere' which is based on the real story of Bettanagere Seena and Shankara will be told in not one part, but two different parts!
Yes, if director Mohan Gowda who is a close relative of Bettanagere brothers is to be believed, then the film would be done in two parts. 'I want to tell the story of a farmer's sons. Though the film is based on the story of Seena and Shankara the film won't have any rowdism elements in it. This is just a first part. For those elements you have to wait for part 2' said Manjunath.
bettanagere team

Manjunath also advised other film makers who are making their films regarding Bettanagere Seena to drop their projects. 'We have a good story and message to tell. I don't want others to mess up with the story' said Manjunath Gowda.

Producer Swamy has said that he has taken prior permission from the family of Seena to avoid the problems in the future.

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