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Senior actor Jaggesh has said that his new film 'Neerdose' will win despite anybody's absence. There was a rumour that Ramya who plays a prominent role in 'Neerdose' is likely to back out of the film as she plays a role of a prostitute in the film. Ramya had accepted the film last year and was very much interested to play such a role as she was playing the role for the very first time. But later this year, Ramya has got elected as a Member of Parliament and is quite apprehensive about playing such a role.

So, Jaggesh has commented by tweeting that, 'I somewhere read that Ramya won't be be acting in the film after getting an elected as an MP. If the news is true, then it is wrong on part of her. The producer have spent nearly four crores for the film. What would be his future if the film is not completed' questioned Jaggesh through his tweet. Jaggesh before concluding his words has also said that, 'the film will win despite anybody's absence' said Jaggesh.