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100 years celebration image
100 years celebration

With just two days to go for the Indian Film Industry celebrations in Chennai, not only Kannada but the entire South Indian Film Industry is wondering whether the celebrations will be successful or not?

There are three days to the finale and there is no clarity about the proceedings of the celebrations. Many members does not know in clear about the procedure and proceedings of the programme. But KFCC till now has not disclosed the final awardees list. They have given the responsibility to the organisations to tell there members to attend for the function.

While this is the case with the organisers, even the rehearsals for the programme is not going on smoothly. Only few stars has gone to the rehearsals till now. The only artistes who are attending the rehearsals are the second liners and apart from them most of the stars are likely to make a presence and avoid being the part of the song and dance. S Narayan who is in charge of the cultural function is struggling hard to make the event successful.
100 years rehearsals

According to the sources Yash, Ganesh, Prem, Ajay Rao, Vijay, Prajwal Devaraj, Sharan, Komal, Rangayana Raghu and others are not travelling to Chennai as of now. If convinced few may travel to perform there. On 20th Morning nearly 35-40 artists will be flying to chennai for the rehearsal and to perform on 22nd. Many will be travelling back without attending the grand finalee on24th where President of India is attending.

This is not only in Kannada. The Telugu artistes have boycotted the celebrations because of the Telangana row and will not be participating in the programme but few will be performing on the final day. Sources say, even the Tamil and the Malayalam industries are not very enthusiastic about the programme and the participation would be quite less.

With no enthusiasm in the air, will the Centenary Celebrations be successful or not is the question. This will be answered only later.

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