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Crazy Star Ravichandran had expressed a big ambition a few days ago when he was the guest participant in the Kannadadha Kotyaadhipathi programme has been realised fruitfully now.  Ravichadnran had advised the Kannadadha Kotyaadhipathi organisers that that the prize money of Rs. 12.5  lacs won by him won by him in the Kannadadha Kotyadhipathi programme anchored by power star Puneet Raj Kumar should reach a deserved person who had lost out the race in his attempt to win a big award.

"Give this money to a deserving person, who lost the race, but still had a lot of dreams.  I want it to be given it a person of dreams because I know the pain of losing'  Ravichandran had said.
So as per his words, today the Rs. 12.5 lakh rupees won by Crazy star Ravichandran in KannaDadha Kotyadhipati Show,  was donated to a poor small kid Manjunath  who had  lost the game by giving a wrong answer to a question.  But the kid's determination was so strong and visible in the programme that even the Power Star was happy to see his huge level of confidence an his attempts to carry on despite facing a severe health programme. Manjunath  had come with determination to win a good sum of money for helping out himself for the much needed treatment for the  blood related health problem he was suffering with!

It is nice that Ravichandran's dreams to help out a loser with huge confidence has been realised in a fitting manner.