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How does it feel to be on the Bigg Boss stage? We all know it is one of the most popular shows in Kannada with a viewership across the world. Contestants who have come out become instant celebrities and literally spend few days in TV news studios recalling their experience. But what is it to be on the Bigg Boss stage as a guest? What would be the reaction of your friends who watch you on Bigg Boss? Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh had a first hand experience. He writes....

For various reasons Bigg Boss Kannada is always in the limelight. I have always wondered what it would be to be a guest on the stage of the reality show. I am one those who regularly watch the show. As a journalist I had a big curiousity as to why so many film teams visit the Bigg Boss stage events on weekends. There are also noise that Bigg Boss is affecting box office collection of films and some of the actors are therefore reluctant to be on Bigg Boss. There was also reactions that some film teams did not participate when invited because it was not financially viable for them.


On the face of it, Bigg Boss has certainly affected the movie industry. Many prefer to watch the show in the comforts of their homes. They get to watch film stars without having to go to theatres.  It is not Bigg Boss alone, but many film star hosted shows like Weekend With Ramesh, Super Minute with Ganesh that create this kind of situation. Until last year, there was also Puneeth Rajkumar's Kannadada Kotyadipathi. Forget others, even as a film journalist, I am addicted to these shows and watch them instead of going out to a theatre. If I somehow miss the first telecast, I wait for the repeat telecast starting at 11.30 pm!

But can this be true that TV entertainment like these are adversely affecting the Kannada film industry? To some extent it is true. The timing of these reality shows have affected late night shows. Then the question arises; What's the box office result of the movies in the day time?

As per my analysis, if there is a good film released people have definitely gone to theaters to watch them inspite of any reality shows. Another reason why people are not coming out for late evening shows is the strict traffic regulation by police in Bengaluru. Heavy checking for drink and driving has resulted in old-timers who watch a film, get a drink and go back home.


Let me come back to the main subject! After being a journalist all these years, I have ventured to produce a movie independently with the support of Dayal Padmanabhan and Avinash Shetty. I started the movie 'Actor' under the banner Chitraloka Movies on November 16th and now its ready for release in February! 

Our movie has only two characters starring Naveen Krishna and SihiKahi Geetha in lead. Cinematography is by Suresh Byrasandra and Music by Gautham Srivatsa. It is a different kind of a movie which has incidents many people in the world would have experienced in their real life. (It is a versatile movie with a profound meaning, portraying the experiences faced by many in their real life).

Myself and my director Dayal had planned this movie in such a way that we had announced the release date as February on the launch day itself and now we are in the process of releasing the film. And then we had the opportunity to take the film on the Bigg Boss stage!

(To be Continued)

(Written by KM Veeresh)