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Bhama who had no films to release for a while, has not one but four films lined up for release. If everything goes as expected, then all the four films would be released in a span of two months.

Of the four films, 'Auto Raja' was released last week and is running successfully. Meanwhile, 'Burfi', 'Appaiah' and 'Ambara' are expected to be released in the coming days. It looks as if 'Burfi' will be released first which will be followed by 'Appaiah' and 'Ambara'.

Bhama's first film of the year was supposed to be 'Appaiah' being directed by S Narayan. However, the film's release got postponed and recently ads were released depicting the release of the film. with 'Appaiah' also joining the badwagon, Bhama will have three films ready for release. That too in a span of two months!