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arun sagar, vijaya raghavendra

With just two days for the conclusion of the first season of the 'Big Boss', everybody is anxiously waiting for who would be the winner of the most popularity show's first season.

In the last round only four contestants were left and out of Narendra Sharma, Arun Sagar, Vijay Raghavendra and Nikitha, one among Vijay Raghavendra and Arun Sagar are said to be the winner of the show. Both Arun Sagar and Vijay Raghavendra were tough contestants throughout and both worked hard in all the tasks given to them.

In a surprise turn, Sudeep had sent a suitcase which consisted Rs 10 lakhs inside the house. He had given an open offer that anybody who is afraid that he or she would not win the contest may take the suitcase and can leave the house. Though the suitcase was inside the house for a day, no contestant was interested to take the money but instead decided to fight the contest till the end, whether if they win or not. So, the suitcase was sent back.

With four contestants in the final round, let's see who the winner would be?