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chandrika, arun sagar

The 'reality' in television reality show Bigg Boss could be becoming real. The show is full of emotional drama and we have seen contestants crying and showing their emotional self very often. Living in close proximity with each other has not just made them become emotionally attached but also created a bonding between the contestants who in the actual sense are rivals trying to win against each other.

More than the contestants themselves, their actions in the Bigg Boss house is also affecting the family members who are watching it on TV everyday. The heart-rending innocent talk of Chandrika's son who was upset with his mother taking his name for swearing ever so often made people sit up and take note. Even the host Sudeep, who otherwise has everyone dancing on his fingertips, was stunned by the boy's comments for a while.

There could be a serious issue in this as well. Chandrika was voted out. But in a twist to the tale was sent back into the house. But this was not before the host showed clippings of the intimacy between Chandrika and the other top contestant Arun Sagar. Though the intimacy was during the various 'tasks' assigned to the contestants, this show is more than just an 'action-cut' film shooting.

Arun's wife who visited him in the house two weeks ago had said that she understand that her husband is jovial and acts funny and becomes close to people. But what havoc it will create when she watches the intimacy grows between Arun and Chandrika can only be guessed. She also said that their daughter was upset because Arun called Anushree as daughter in the show. It would be hard to imagine that while the child is upset at the father calling someone else as daughter, the wife would not be upset when her husband is being so intimate with another woman.

The surprising reentry of Chandrika to the house after elimination also seems to be for the reason that her intimacy with Arun Sagar was attracting viewer attention. But will this attention spoil personal relationships is open for interpretation.

Vijaya Raghavendra's wife, while on the show, said that she does not let their young son watch the show as she is afraid it would affect him and send wrong signals. It is not just any one person's family that is affected. In days to come, the real emotional outburst from outside the Bigg Boss house from the real homes of the contestants should provide a bigger reality check.

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