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Kamal Hassan's magnum opus film Dasavataram directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar and produced by Asacar Ravichandran is set to release on June 13. Already the film has been touted as the biggest Indian film to hit the screens. Over one thousand prints of the film will be screened world over. In Karnataka Dasavataram and its Telugu version will be released simultaneously. While the Tamil film is being released in Bangalore, in other districts like Kolar the Telugu version is being released.
One man doing 11 roles, 10 on screen and one off it (as scriptwriter) is a first in the history of world cinema. You have heard a lot about the story, probably more than what you have about any film before its release. A story that spans 9 centuries and takes you across the globe on a big adventure and on a canvas so big that Indian cinema, maybe world cinema, has never witnessed. Here's a look at just how big Dasavatharam is.
Dasavatharam – the cast:
One Kamal Haasan in the cast is good enough to make a movie more than interesting, here we have 10 Kamals in one movie- the
experience will be something special. Then there is Asin in the biggest role of her career. Yes, the young lady has already proved her mettle but this time she is rubbing shoulders with a legend in every sense of the word. Mallika Sherawath as the CIA agent, Napolean as Kulothunga Sozhan, Jayapradha and others.
Dasavatharam- the technology:
Everything associated with the movie has been given extraordinary care and no one but the best in the world have been involved with the movie at each stage. Take for instance Andy Dixon, the world renowned stunt choreographer who has to his credit films like Transporter 2. He is the man behind the reportedly huge stunt sequences. Michael Westmore, who transformed Jim Carrey into The Mask, is the one who has handled the make up department. Six hours a day for Kamal is what was spent only on make up to get the right look for one of the characters and it was 4 hours for Napolean. The levels of perfection can only be imagined. The visual effects, too, had an expert from Hollywood handling matters: Brayn M Jennings, an Oscar nominee.
Dasavatharam- the research
When there is history and mythology involved you never want to take chances because you never know who you might end up hurting, and some people derive acute pleasure by feeling that they have been hurt and create a lot of trouble. Dasavatharam did not want any of this and so brought in the top brains of the country in history from IIT, Tanjore University etc. and made sure that the script is foolproof.
Dasavatharam- the firsts:
The first film to feature on actor in 10 roles (you already know that)
The first film to shoot an Indian metropolis landscape from a helicopter
The first Indian film to use a huge man-erected water reservoir (5 acres) for shooting (probably the Tsunami scene)
And much more……
There have also been reports that the movie includes a yet undisclosed clip of the 2004 Tsunami that was captured with a handycam by an individual in Indonesia.
The technicians are world-class but the man who coordinates them all, is the captain, the director-K.S.Ravikumar. He is the master of entertaining cinema, always hitting the right chord with audience. To put it simply, he is a genius who has his hand on the pulse of the people and that's why his films rarely fail and when equipped with a Kamal script and provided with a team that is nothing less than the best in the world, he can work wonders.
But who made this dream come true. The vision was Kamal's, the execution was KSR's and the team with him was fantastic, but without Aascar Ravichandran, things might have been a lot more difficult. Shooting in more than 10 locations in India, USA, Singapore etc., getting the best technicians in the world, having complete faith in the makers' dream and warding off all troubles that keep coming when something so big is made, Aascar has been the perfect producer.   
And, even when it comes to the release, Aascar is proving once again why it is one of the biggest names in South Indian cinema. 1000 prints overall, an overseas release that could give jitters to even a Hollywood film and publicity that no one can miss. Dasavatharam is as much Aascar's dream as it is Kamal's.

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