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Actor Ramesh Arvind celebrated a quiet birthday with his family members on Wednesday the 10th Septembers in his Banashankar II stage Residence. And just a day prior to his birthday, the actor has signed a new project to be made by Reliance Adlabs production company.
The film will be directed by Actor Mohan is all set to be launched some time later this month. The title of the film is Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baro (Krishna, Come here a little later) which runs in contrast to the starting line of the well known devotional song Krishna Nee Begane Baaro.
“Mohan has written the script which is full of comedy elements. And he will also be acting with me in this film besides directing the film. It will be a full length comedy film’ says Ramesh who adds that this birth day is special for him too.
“For one thing I was surprised that I was getting too many offers for direction. But I preferred to work as an actor and also involve myself in any project as a director. But I don’t want to take up projects on huff. Now, I will be taking up another project in which I will be acting in the leading role besides taking up the responsibility of the director’s department. This film is also being made by a Corporate group called Sinemas. The film will be a full length comedy film’ says Ramesh Arvind.