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The indefinite strike undertaken by the technicians working  Bollywood  has been creating problems for  the Kannada film industry.  The ripple effect of  the Bollywood strike has affected  voice mixing work  of  many Kannada films which are now on the verge of completion.  Many music directors who are now in Mumbai are unable to get the Voice mixing work done by the Bollywood singers  mainly because of the strike.  
Though there is a big controversy  in the  Kannada film industry over the excessive use of  Bollywood's  famous singers in Kannada films and ignoring  local talents,  the music  directors  and  the  Audio companies are still backing the  singers from Hindi films like  Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Kunal Ganjawala  and  Udith Narayan. 
Now, the technicians strike in Mumbai has put  the Voice mixing work in limbo as most of the Mumbai studios  in which the mixing work was done have closed the sutters.    Music director Hari Krishna had gone to Mumbai to get  the  work finished for his film  Parameshi Paanwala.     But  the work could not be completed. 
Producer and Actor  Adithya Babu who is now making  Parameshi Paanwala says  the work relating to Voice mixing got delayed  and  it had affected  the audio release of the film which was slated for release  by October end.  .He added  that  his music director had to extend his stay in Mumbai because  the recording assistants had struck  work in Mumbai.
Adithya Babu said that though his film has completed its shoot and even songs have been picturised abroad, the Voice mixing work has been kept pending because of the strike in Mumbai.   He said that  Hari Krishna  has accepted a contract to get the Mumbai singers to sing the songs of the film.
Hari Krishna is the most popular music composer of the industry today  is also composing music for  other prominent  Kannada films like Boss and  Raaj, the show man. Another top Kannada music director  Mano Murthy  who is  using  the Mumbai singer prominently in his films   is  providing music for  Logori to be directed by Yogaraj Bhat which has Puneet Raj Kumar in the lead.  
It is a known fact that Mumbai singers like  Sonu Nigam  and Shreya Ghoshal who  are busy in their music recordings for Hindi films  and stage shows  offer to sing for South Indian films only when they have spare time. These singer  allot dates to the Kannada film music directors  and prefer to sing only in Mumbai studios. On many occasions Bollywood singers have to be told two to three months in advance for the Voice mixing work.
Normally  the Kannada film producers are giving contract to Music directors to  complete the music composition work of their films.  The music directors are expected to hand over a disc of the completed work which will be then handed over to the music companies.   The musical albums  will  then be made  by  the musical companies  who  pay more only if Bollywood singers are used in the album.
Sonu Nigam is the most popular  singer of  Kannada films today what with his "Anisuththidhe Yaako Eno'  from the block buster film Mungaru Male becoming a chart buster.   He has many top hits including  "Ninnindhale' in Milana and "Ninna Nodalentho'  in Mussanje Maathu. Kungal Ganjawala is another singer who has become hugely popular in Kannada films. 

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