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Amithabh Bachchan's  illness  has created problems for  ace director Manirathnam who has just started shooting for  his bilingual film Ravana with Aishwarya Rai working in both Hindi and Tamil versions and Abhishekh Bachchan playing the lead role in the Hindi film. 
Manirathnam’s  efforts to  make a bilingual  film with  top stars in Bollywood and  South  is facing  lot of  teething troubles.    Mani who had to spend considerable time in getting the dates from the  busy popular  stars had started shooting for the Tamil version very recently in the Malayatoor  Forest Division in Kerala.  But  after  five days of the shooting  of this film,  the  officials of the forest department  have asked the film unit to vacate from the forest land.  The shooting has been stopped now  and the special sanction given to  Manirathnam to shoot the film for 22 days in this  prohibited area has been withdrawn by the Kerala Government.   
The forest  area is a two-hour drive from Kochi and is a prime spot for eco-tourism. The Kerala Government has not given permission for the film shootings at this area, but  apparently  Mani’s  leftist connections had ensured  the Governmental permission  for the shooting from the  CPM Government.
However  the  environmentalist  groups  in Kerala had opposed  the move of the Government  to accord permission for  Manirathnam to shoot in this area.  The environmentalists  have  been asking many uncomfortable questions on why Mani was given special permission to shoot in Mulankuzhi-Malayatoor  forest area?
According to  Krishnadev Prasad Sahu of the Malayatoor Forest Division said Manirathnam  was asked to stop shooting  of the Tamil film on  10th October evening because the film unit  had constructed three  temporary huts in prohibited areas in the forest,  say  the  officials of the forest division.  ‘This was in gross violation  of  the specific conditions  that  were contained in the permission letter issued by the forest department’  says  Krishnadev Prasad Sahu.
However the film unit members say that the  temporary huts were constructed mainly to  keep the  costly  film unit equipments used for  the shooting purposes.  However this explanation was not acceptable to the  forest department who say that  there is no possibility of  renewing permission  for shooting of the film. 
Mani had planned to shoot  ten days  for the Tamil Version  and there after to start shooting for the Hindi version of  the film with  Abhisek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai  and others.  Though both of them were expected to join the shooting  after  sixteenth of this month,  the present health condition of  Amithabh Bachchan who is recuperating in Mumbai’s Hospital may not permit  the stars to join the shooting  for this film immediately.    Aishwarya Rai will be working in both the versions of the film.  And now with the forest department of the Kerala state government withdrawing permission for the film shooting, Manirathnam’s  cup of woes are  filling.

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