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The new trailer of  Munirathna produced  Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi shown in the single screen theatres and multipelxes  which is scheduled to screen the film  seems to have aroused lot of appreciation among the Kannada film fans.
"It is a blast of a trailer.  One of the best seen in recent times after the Telugu film Eega trailer' says an ardent Uppi fan who is really bowled over by the production values of the film as showcased in the trailer.  The trailer has also been uplaoded in the youtube and has been getting huge popularity.
"The making is good and stylish,  And the dialogues are really good. What is particularly liked by me is that when Uppi says "We may have to bring in Ravichandran from Bengaluru to discuss about Love'.  There are many hilarious dialogues like this in the trailer which has already made me rock sure that the film will rock with the audience.
It is sure to be an entertainer of Himalayan proportions' says another message that has come to the Portal.  Many of the people who have watched the trailer have also been making a special mention about  Rebel Star  Ambareesh's magnetic screen presence in the film and his thunderous dialogue delivery.   The trailer is sure to raise the expectation barometre of the film, but still it is doubtful whether the film will break the records already set about the screening in number of screens in multiplex.  The first reason is that KVSS is not releasing on any Holiday like Anna Bond. It is releasing on a working day.  Another reason is availability of number of 3 D screens in the multiplexes.  The 3 D compatibility may be one major factor that may finally determine the number of screens available for the Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi.
Meanwhile, the film's heroine Ramya a.k.a. Divya Spandana is promoting the film like never before and doing everything to make the film a huge success.  The way the actress took on producer K.Manju in a Television programme was really astounding.   And there were many comical touches in the whole programme when Ramya was telling that she has  not received full remuneration from Manju for acting in Kichcha Huchcha and  then telling that there should be subtitles when K.Manju speaks was really a blast of  a comical interlude.  It looked as if it was Ramya who needed  the screening of the film earlier than God Father and she was vociferous in defence much more than the film's producer Munirathna himself.