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An unprecedented opening which will be a landmark in the Kannada film industry was created on May 1, when Puneet Raj Kumar starrer  Anna Bond direced by Suri  was released.   Screened in 114 multiplex screens and in around 120 single screen theatres, the first day's collections clearly proved that Puneet Raj Kumar is an emperor of  Box office whose unmatched charisma is taking the Kannada film industry to greater heights.  His command and influence over the mass and class audience alike is yet to be matched by any other superstars in South.
Puneet proved the ultimate Box office record holder by pushing all previous records of  Kannada films and even the recrods of some big Telugu and Tamil  releases  in major cities and multiplexes. Rockline Cinemas which had twenty one shows on day one saw unprecedented demand for tickets in online bookings and also inquiries through contacts.   Rockline Venkatesh and his son Yatheesh had a really challenging time to even keep their close associates and friends happy.  The situation at many single screens like   Santhosha, Veeresha, Siddeshwara, Eshwari and other theatres where the  owners and managing staff had lot of close friends was even worse.  They had to face the wrath of their own kith and kin and also friends.
What made Anna Bond tick with the audience before its release.  There are many factors which worked for the film including the references about the film's strength made in popular televised programmes. And the mass audience really wanted to know the way Puneet had developed six packs for the film and how  the ghost motor cycle had played an important factor in the film's proceedings.
There is another explanation as to why multiplexes had record shows and openings on day one.  In any single screen theatre if a fan wants to purchase a ticket in black it would be more than the normal entry fee for a multiplex.  The best example is that Rockline Cinemas which had increased its ticket prices from Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 for all the show witnessed unprecedented enthusiasm.   People in Jalahalli and surrounding areas who would have wanted to see the film would have paid  nearly Rs. 200 in Black in the neighbouring theatres.  Therefore it would make sense to watch the film in a multiplex theatre on day one than paying excess money to purchase a ticket in black.