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Music Maestro A.R.Rehman is expected to be in Bengaluru coming Sunday on May 6 to be part of the audio release function of  K.Manju direced God Father directed by Sriram which has Upendra being featured in triple roles for the first time.  The audio release funcion was earlier planned on 3rd May, but it had to be postponed for ensuring the presence of  A.R.Rehman, told K. Manju.
K.Manju said that  the audio release function is in the planning stage, though he had obtained the green signal of  Rehman mainly because  Munirathna has already published the date of release and is relentlessly carrying the publicity programmes for his film KVSS.
"This may create lot of confusion among the fans of Upendra who are eager to see a hugely budged film like God Father where the actor has taken up a big challenge in doing three different type of roles'  said  K.Manju.
Manju  said that he had earlier  planned a big audio release function on April  22 or 25th,  but he could not carry out plans because of the controversy created on account of   Munirathna's insistence that his film "Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi'  be released earlier than God Father which has been in the making for more than one year.
Reacting sharply to Ramya's outbursts in a TV programme that he has not yet been settled the dues by him, K.Manju retorted by saying  that payment if any due to her will be settled with in an hour  if Ramya makes a honest submission with conscience that dues have not been paid.  "Let her talk about the costumes that are to be given to my production house first' said Manju.
Manju said that he has been advised by his mentor Dr. Vishnuvardhana to settle any dues immediately for artists and technicians.   Vishnu sir used to advise me that I had to  discuss the remuneration issue with the artists and technicians. He used to tell me-'Settle for seven rupees if some artist demands ten rupees.  But settle the seven rumpees you have promised him' and I am following this principle from the day I have been tendered this advise by my Anna' said Manju.
He also advised Ramya to be a Deva Kanye of Indraloka than being an arbitrator to some conflict between producers.   "In that case she has to learn many things from my mentor Vishnuvardhan sir and even Upendra' said K.Manju.