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dr rajkumar 75th birthday celebration (pic - km veeresh)

The icon of Kannada cinema the Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Dr.Rajkumar on the occasion of his 75th birthday disclosed that ‘Manushyanige Yee Aase annodu Yee Mannalli Iro thanaka Iddidde’. Recovering slowly from his two surgeries Dr.Raj addressed the film media at his residence in his Sadashivanagar residence.

I have received everything in my life as my ‘Baagya’ (blessings) in my life Dr.Raj started his short address. To do this ‘Bhaktha Ambarisha’ role the ‘Aase’ is in my heart. ‘Kalavidara jaathige acting anno aaso bittu hogudhu bahala kashta’. For me the God has given a strong hit – that is this operation. After I recover from this ‘Shiva Antha Munnugguthini’. When I was in the hospital at Chennai I was very jovial with the doctors. Otherwise how to forget this pain? I don’t even take pain -killers. The doctors attending used to tell that they have got a very jolly patient and it is pleasure to be with me. I believe in ailments going naturally. The doctors have told me that I can run and play cricket after three months.

When it comes to acting it should be free from other problems says Dr.Raj. He remembered the days of ‘Shabdavedi’ and expressed his displeasure on his performance in that film. I have got defeated in doing that role. The concentration was always on the knee ailments. ‘Manassu Hanchi Hogittu’. The fans have liked yet and it is they who have seen me in the roles Sri Rama, Krishna, Bond etc.

The God has kept the finest thing like ‘Gold’ in deep inside the earth. He has kept the iron easily available. It is the gold we go in search. For me the deeper we go in to acting the more special we could discover. Coming to his life Dr.Raj disclosed that how the fifty years of family and film career life has passed is still unbelievable.

Making a reference to his daily activities Dr.Raj informed that he is walking two kms a day. I was walking 20 kms a day in my younger days Dr Raj went for a flashback.

Recalling his ‘Padayatra’ to get the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara Dr.Raj had thought in his last visit that he would come by ‘Padayatra’ once again. Now with all these operations and pains the determination of Dr.Raj is still in tact. I would climb the hills in my next visit. I would not go by car to get his darshan Dr.Raj disclosed firmly to a question.